WWE Rumor: Two WWE Champions May Get Swapped

WWE Superstar shake-up after the Wrestlemania is all that we are looking forward. The Superstar Shake among the brands freshen up the whole scenario and gives a clear idea about the potential fuel. The Superstars will have a fresh environment to work and entertain the fans.

WWE Mid Card Championship

According to the Cagesideseats, WWE Inter-continental and WWE US Championship will get swapped by the brands. WWE Inter-Continental Championship will move back to Smackdown while WWE US CHampionship will be at the RAW.

WWE Inter-Continental Champion Seth Rollins has been with the red brand for almost 2 years. Rollins needs a change for his good, a move to Smackdown Live will freshen up. He is a huge star and brilliant in-ring performer. Having him at Smackdown will make Smackdown mid-card storylines even more interesting.

It is fair to say that WWE Universe is getting bored of Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton feud. The lack of creativity in the booking around WWE US Championship is making it look irrelevant. Jinger and the Championship move to WWE Raw is what needed to open up whole loads of possibilities for the title.

Jinder Mahal is a changed superstar since he left WWE Raw. From a jobber he is now a top heel in the WWE, having him on Raw will enhance his reputation as WWE Superstar. Vince McMahon rates him very high and Jinder is expected to back in the WWE Championship picture sooner or later.

To sum it up, WWE US Championship and WWE Inter-Continental Championship shake will open up a whole load of possibilities going ahead. Jinder and Seth Rollins move just what the superstars need, they have been dull so far and a bit of change in the brand will help these two.

WWE Superstar Shakeup will be keenly followed, who do you think will benefit more from the move, Jinder or Seth?


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