WWE Elimination Chamber 2018: The History of Satan's Prison

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WWE Elimination Chamber is one of the iconic and destructive matches in the WWE. The match was designed by Triple H and introduced by Eric Bischoff has seen some of the most amazing matches in the WWE.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 will see lots of different changes and one major talking point among that will be first Women’s Elimination Chamber match. The 25th February Pay Per view will have one more major change, the first time in the history of the match,7 Superstar will enter the Satan’s Prison.

The winner of the WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 will get a title shot and will face Brock Lesner at Wrestlemania. Two former NXT Champions Finn Balor and Seth Rollins will be part of the WWE Elimination Chamber 2018.

Red vs Blues

WWE Elimination Chamber now an exclusive WWE Raw PPV but it has been hosted by the blue brand on few occasions. WWE Raw hold records of hosting the WWE Elimination for 9 times and on 25th of February, it will host it for the 10th time. WWE Smackdown has hosted the PPV for 7 times in the history of the WWE.

Championship Belts

Alexa Bliss fans can sign of relief if they look at the history of the WWE Elimination Chamber matches. Only once in the history, there has been a title change in the elimination chamber. Over last few Elimination chamber matches, only Bray Wyatt has won the title from John Cena.

This year we will have only one title defense inside the Satan’s Prison. The brand new WWE Raw Women’s championship will get defended inside the chamber. The champions have historically able to defend their title in the most gruesome match in the WWE.

Elimination Chamber Appearances.

The WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 will host a lot of first-timers. The Contest has seen some of the legends take punishment inside the chamber but not more than what Chris Jerico went through. The Y2J have competed for the most number of times in the Elimination Chamber.

  • Chris Jericho (8)
  • Randy Orton (6)
  • John Cena (6)
  • Triple H (6)
  • Kane (5)

Jhon Cena and The Miz are the only two superstars in WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 who have experience of the Chamber matches. The rest 5, Rollins, Strawman, Balor, Roman and Elias will be making their debut in the Satan prison. John Cena has won 3 Elimination Chamber matches which is 2nd best to the hunter, the Triple H who won 4 times in his career.

The Late Entrant has the advantage?

It is no Rocket Science the late entrant gets an advantage over the rest. It is no brainer that the entrant who wait in the pod while another superstar grind against each other will have the advantage of stamina and strength. Even the history of the Elimination Chamber match suggests the same trend, the number 5th, and 6th entrants have won the elimination chamber for 6 and 5 times respectively.

Surprisingly the first entrant has won it 4 times which suggest that the superstar who entered in the middle have found it hard to win the Elimination Chamber match. Elias will have the advantage of entering last in the WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 while the Miz will start the proceedings of the match.

The King of the WWE Elimination Chambers

John Cena will contest in one more elimination Chamber match
John Cena in Elimination Chamber Credit: WWE.com

Only 3 Superstars have been lucky to win the Elimination Chamber on multiple occasions. The Triple H (4), John Cena (3) and Edge (2) have won it on the multiple occasions.

John Cena has golden opportunity to match the record of the Hunter. It may not come as surprise if the new generation Superstar wins the match. The WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 will definitely create a lot of historic moments and we may have a road set for the WrestleMania.

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