WWE: The Biggest NXT Superstar Relinquish The Title

NXT Women Championship

WWE NXT superstar Asuka relinquishes her NXT Women’s championship title. The Superstar was unbeaten in the NXT ring and she is now negotiating with Raw and Smackdown brand.

The title was vacated due to the negotiation. It was last month which had declared that Asuka would vacate the title to move to the main roster. Yesterday officially she vacated the NXT Women;s Championship Title.

In the Ring, NXT manager William Regal praised her for fighting and defending the NXT Title with honor.

Asuka thanked NXT while saying that she enjoyed being part of the developmental brand. She screamed at the end”NOBODY IS READY FOR ASUKA”. Entire locker room came out for the farewell.

Tripple H came out in the ring with roses for the former NXT Women Champions.

It will be interesting to see which brand will Asuka Join, Rumors are that she will be going to the Raw brand. She will remain unbeaten at Raw until she wins the title.


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