WWE Backlash 2018: Prediction for the WWE PPV

WWE Backlash 2018 will see 5 titles getting defended on the night. The WWE Backlash 2018 will play as a starting point for the new storylines for WWE Summerslam. WWE fans will be eager to see the dual-brand backlash at Newark, New Jersey this Sunday.

Among the 5 title, both the women championship will be defending on the night. Nia Jax and Carmella will defend their title for the first time against Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair. We look at the possible outcome of all the 8 matches for the WWE PPV.

Daniel Bryan v Big Cass

Big Cass vs Daniel Bryan
Big Cass vs Daniel Bryan (image/WWE)

Daniel Bryan and Big Cass are back in action after an injury. Both the superstars will be eager to kick-start their new journey will an excellent performance. Daniel Bryan has not really been able to make an impact since his in-ring return while Big Cass looks hungry for the success. Big Cass was supposed to get a major push before he got an injury. His feud with Daniel Bryan hasn’t been best so far but the two superstars have the ability to produce a good match.

The match is looked as David vs Goliath match, a perfect setup which helped Daniel Bryan win fans in his initial days. Daniel Bryan return as an in-ring performer has not set the WWE Universe on fire and victory over Big Cass is what he needed. Big Cass has improved his promos and a defeat against Daniel Bryan will not harm him while Daniel Bryan needs a victory to win the WWE Universe back.

Prediction: Daniel Bryan Winning the match

Braun Strauman & Bobby Lashley v Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens

This match literally has nothing to root for. The two babyface of the company will come against two annoying heels. Braun Strauman and Bobby Lashley to steamroll the two Canadians and win the match. Sami and Kevin need a fresh feud to regain their lost mojo. Ever since they have been drafted to WWE Raw they have failed to bring their cockiness in WWE Raw. They were the perfect heel in WWE Smackdown Live where they had a good feud against Daniel Bryan and Shane.

The match will work as a filler for the rest of the PPV, Braun, and Bobby will showcase their power and strength in front of WWE Universe. It will be interesting to see if the match ended with a predictable result or Bobby turns heel after the match. WWE needs to find Bobby a storyline, the superstar has done nothing since his return to the WWE after a very long time.

Prediction: Braun Strauman and Bobby defeating Sami & Owens

Nia Jax (C) V Alexa Bliss – WWE Raw Women’s Championship.

Since winning the WWE Raw Women’s Championship Nia Jax has been away from the TV. The new WWE Raw Women’s Champion will defend her title for the very first time against the former champion Alexa Bliss.

The two were the best friends and just like WWE Wrestlemania 34, we can expect a good performance from both the superstars. It doesn’t look like Nia Jax will drop her title so soon. Alexa Bliss has been wonderful in her reign as champion, she needs some fresh start after her title run. Nia Jax looks like will win it cleanly and start a new feud on Monday night of RAW.

Prediction: Nia Jax retaining the title. 

Carmella (C) v Charlotte Flair – WWE Smackdown Live Women’s Championship

The match is centered around Carmella getting the help of Billie and Payton in defeating Charlotte Flair. We expect a similar sort of thing this Sunday at WWE Backlash 2018. Carmell and the two new members of Smackdown Lockerroom are women version of Miztourage. Carmella championship run has just started and it looks like she will continue to retain the title for few more weeks.

Billie and Payton expected to interfere and help Carmella retain the title against the Queen.

Prediction: Carmella defending WWE Smackdown Live Women’s Championship 

Jeff Hardy (C) v Randy Orton – WWE United States Championship

Jeff Hardy is one of the favorite superstars of Vince, he likes Jeffy Hardy as a Solo competitor. The Superstar recently won and defending his title against Jinder Mahal and it doesn’t look like he will lose it this Sunday against Randy Orton. Having said that, WWE United States Championship has changed hands for almost 12 times in 12 months and it looks difficult to predict who will win the tile.

Randy Orton has his moments with the title and him winning the title will drag the feud. Considering the match will be fair without any interference from Shelton Benjamin or The Miz, Jeff Hardy is expected to retain the title.

Prediction: Jeff Retaining the title at WWE Backlash 2018

Seth Rollins (C) v The Miz – WWE Inter-Continental Championship

This one looks easy to predict, Seth Rollins has just started his title reign and on the verge of starting a feud with Finn Balor. Smackdown Live have the US Championship and WWE will like to keep Seth and Inter-Continental title with Raw. The Miz has done a wonderful job with the title, the A-lister will be better off without it for time being and have fun with Daniel Bryan.

Seth Rollins and Finn Balor look more likely to compete for the WWE Intercontinental Championship in future. Finn Balor if turned heel will be best possible thing WWE Creative team can come up with. Finn Balor and Seth Rollins both are babyfaces at the moment and it been long overdue to see Finn turning a heel.

Prediction: Seth Rollins winning it clean

Aj Styles (C) v Shinsuke Nakamura – WWE Championship

Finally! Shinsuke Nakamura is a heel. After lackluster and without a purpose start to his career, Nakamura has turned heel and WWE is loving it. His low blows on Aj Styles aren’t pretty but makes him look a top heel. AJ Styles has been with the title for a very long time and it looks like he will keep that for few more weeks. Samoa Joe has lurking around the WWE Championship and him feuding with Aj Styles for WWE Championship looks better than Shinsuke and Styles dragging their storyline.

Prediction: AJ Styles retaining the WWE Championship

Samoa Joe v Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns failure in the PPV needs to end and this match probably will be one which will stop that. Roman Reigns lost to Brock Lesnar on numerous occasion have tagged him as a failure. A win against Samoa Joe is just what Roman needs to get back into the title scene. The match looks more like making Roman relevant again in front of the WWE Universe.

Samoa Joe is on Smackdown Live and a defeat will not cost him much. He has already challenged Aj Styles for the WWE Championship and that looks like what WWE will go ahead.

Prediction: Roman Reigns pickup up the victory


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