Top 5: Indian Football Facebook Groups

Indian football is getting a much-needed boost in the last couple of years. The Main reason for that probably the Social Media. Social media in today day and age have become an integral part of our day to day life. Today we going to introduce you to Top 5 Indian Football Facebook Groups.

The days of keyboard warriors are gone. The social media have become powerful medium and some of these groups have proved it. The Groups we mentioned below have done almost everything for the football in India.

Helping Players get the club to Showing matches to the large audience. They have done it all

Have A Look At India’s Only Football Forum – Nerve of Indian Football

Indian Football Live

The Indian Football Live has to be at the Top of the list. The group started by Kerala football enthusiast Varun Murukan has grown from a small family to a huge 1.3 lakh group members.

Staying true to their ideology of strictly Indian football, The group does not entertain any European football related discussion.

On the daily basis, thousands of fans join the group. This is one group which actually changed domestic football scenario on the facebook. Indian football enthusiast had various European forums to discuss. The thing which was lacking was domestic football group.

Indian Football is the pioneer of football revolution on Facebook. Ever since the start of the group, there have been various cases of fans meet, some of the fans even started regional groups, for example, Goa Football Live and Kerala Football Live.

The Group has some of the well known Indian Journalist and club officials, who regularly provide valuable information about Indian football. If You Want to enjoy football discussion and want to know more about Indian football. The Indian Football Live is the place for you.

Link To The Group

Kerala Football Live

Again A brainchild of Varun Murukan and one more IFL Member Basim Ali.

The Group is one of the fastest growing on the facebook. Kerala Football has got new belief in last 3 years which we can feel in Kerala Football Live. Kerala Football Live in last few months has undertaken various activities. They were instrumental in organizing Kerala Football forum in Kochi.

One unique thing about this group from Kerala is that apart from just a discussion forum, this group help players to find professional clubs. Kerala Football Live has surely shown the power of social media in changing lives of the people.

Kerala Football Live is a pure inspiration if you want to learn how to help Indian football being a fan then click the link below and join Kerala Football live.

Link To The Group

The Football Dug Out

One of the most professional football group in India, The Football Dug Out.

Created and Managed by Goan football enthusiast Conrad Barretto has emerged in football scene in last one year.

The Group predominately dominated by European football discussion but does not shy away from staying with Indian football. The Football dug out has become one of the go to place if you are Goan football fans. The football discussion varies from European football to Indian Super League.

The Group predominately have Goan football enthusiast and it has been seen in last few months that TFDO has changed its focus towards Goan football.

The TFDO is also known for their football screenings, hundred’s of people gather together to enjoy the game of football.

Link To The Group

Goa Football Live

Goan football has seen the decline over the last couple of years. From 6 national league clubs to mere one have not stopped football enthusiast to enjoy the sports.

Indian football live has been instrumental in the formation of various groups and GFL is one of them. The IFL members Dominic Paes, Adlove Dias and Ashlesh Ajgaonkar are the founder of the group.

Goa Football Live is Goa football centric group, they focus on the domestic football in Goa Covers the results and discuss the football matches happening in Goa.

The Goan football lacked a centralized focus over the years and these group of people helps to bring that. They have brought Goan fans under one roof. With all the lows Goan football is facing, Goa football live have responsibility on their shoulders to keep hopes of the fans alive.

Link To The Group

Indian Football Fans

The Group is relatively new to the scene unlike the above four. Indian Football fans Group has attracted some of the new Generations of football fans.

The Group has some young fans who have joined the group post ISL era. The ISL has definitely helped to spread the football among the masses, but this group helps these fans to know more about Indian football and I-league.

Indian Super League emergence has changed football scene in Indian. The sheer growth in number makes this group so powerful medium for growth of football in Kerala.

Staying true to their name, The members support and stick to the discussion around Indian football.

Link To The Group

So these were some of the top Indian football centric group on Facebook. If you want to be part of Indian football and discussion about the same, we recommend you to join these groups. Indian football is growing in fan base, Indian team is producing decent results and it’s merry times for Indian football. The interesting phase will come when Indian football will go through a bad patch. That’s when these groups will come handy. 

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