Top 5 Footballers Who have insurance body part

The title itself will make you wonder how is this even possible. We heard about Car insurance, we had home insurance, we even heard about Farmer insurance but the body part policies is rarely done.

It is not the latest trend or something new which never happened. The body part insurance was started back in 1920’s. Comedian Ben Turbin had insured his crossed eye which was the focal point of his act. Car or home insurance is common but today we going to look at 5 footballers who have policies on their body parts.

Top 5 Footballers Who have insurance body part

Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the two athletes have been ruling the football fans hearts from a very long time. Both have religious fans who follow them crazily. The two sets of fans compare the two premium athlete for their on field exploits and now they will have one more topic for discussion.

Cristiano Ronaldo has one of the best insurance policy. The Real Madrid and Portugal star have the policy worth 90 million Euros. That is loads of money for injury to his legs.

Lionel Messi

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The Argentine magician at present is one of the world best forward. Barcelona is struggling to find their rhythm but this man is carrying them just like he carrying in Argentina.

Just like his football his insurance policy is crazy. The men have one of the best feet in the world and why should not it get priced. The insurance policy is still unclear, but it is predicted that he pays around 500-700k per anum for an insurance policy.

That is a huge amount, The Argentina forward will definitely want his leg to be intact but that amount is ridiculously insane.

David Beckham

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The former England captain was not only known for his footballing skills but also his charming look. Real Madrid and Manchester United star had insurance on his leg worth 100 million pounds.

The interesting part is this after his playing days were over the policy was increased to 195 million which covered his complete body. If he ever loses any endorsement that depends on his looks, he is financially covered.

Iker Casillas

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The Spain and Real Madrid legendary keeper Iker Casillas was excellent under the bar in the pick of his career.  The custodian who now plays his football in Portugal for Porto. He had the policy worth 9 million on his hands while he was playing in Spain. He is still going strong for Porto in the Portuguese league and may be secured hands are the reason for that.

Manuel Neuer

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Manuel Neuer is one of the best goal keeper going around the world. Rarely you see or hear a goalkeeper get nominated for Balon d’Or, he has achieved that rarity. The Bayern Munich keeper has insurance worth 4.3 million euros.

Neuer and Bayern are all covered if the keeper ever gets a career ending injury.

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