SportNTalks Special: Top 5 Tragic Stadium Disaster.

Football is one of the most popular and watched sports in the world. Lots of emotions attached to the sports, but some tragic incidents stadium incident has made a huge impact on the fans over the years. We look into 10 tragic stadium disasters which are registered in the history of football and will be forever remembered.

The darkest hour in the history of the UEFA competitions

Date: 29 May 1985
Location: Heysel Stadium, Brussels, Belgium
Death Toll: 39

The Heysel Disaster
The Heysel Disaster (image source/BBC News)

The Heysel Disaster would be remembered for a very long time by the English fans and especially Liverpool. Heysel Stadium was old and outdated in 1985, despite this the European Cup finals were hosted by the stadium between Liverpool and Juventus. The relation between England and Italy was sour because of the previous year attack by Roma fans on the Liverpool fans.

The stadium in Brussel was cramped with 60,000 fans. Liverpool fans broke the fences and attacked the Juventus before the kickoff. Juventus fans tried to retreat which resulted in the collapse of the wall behind them, 39 people were killed and hundreds of the fans got injured.

Juventus fans started riots after the incident fighting against police with rocks and bottles, despite all this match continued which was won by Juventus. Later on UEFA Banned English club for an indefinite time. This incident was labelled as the darkest hour in the history of the UEFA competitions.

It would be better if I had not scored it!

Date: 20 Oct 1982
Location: Lenin Stadium, Moscow, Russia
Death Toll: 66+

luzhniki stadium
luzhniki stadium

You rarely hear a player saying, “It would be better if I Had not scored it!” These are words of Sergei Shvetsov a former FC Spartak Moscow player. The Luzhniki disaster at the Lenin Stadium was a human crush in Moscow.

The ticket sales of the match between FC Spartak Moscow and HFC Haarlem on October 20, 1982, was low as of result the stadium authorities kept just one stand open. Only one gate was left open for the exit during the match. A minute before the final whistle Spartak fans begin to leave the stadium when the team was leading 1-0.

Then during the injury time, Sergei Shevtsov scored the 2nd goal of the team, and the fans who left the stadium started to come back. The stampede ensued in which many people died or were injured. The official number of the dead was 66 but victims and people who were present claim this number to be significantly higher.

The Hillsborough Disaster

Date: 15 April 1989
Location: Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield, England
Death Toll: 96

The Hillsborough Disaster
The Hillsborough Disaster

Fans gathered to see FA Cup Semifinals between Liverpool and Nottingham forest had no clue what they were up against. Due to poor management and error by the stadium Authorities, far too many Liverpool fans were allowed access to the stadium.

The excited fans barged into the fans inside the stadium crushing them. The long chaos took lives of 96 fans and hundreds of fans got injured. The worst case was of a fan being in a coma for the gap of 4 years. This is one of the worst incidents happened in the English football history.

Accra Sports Stadium disaster

Location: Djan Stadium, Accra, Ghana
Date: May 9, 2001
Number of Deaths: 127

Accra Sports Stadium disaster
Accra Sports Stadium disaster

The Accra Hearts of Oak Sporting Club and Asante Kotoko are two of the best clubs in Ghana. The Two giants of the Ghanian football have a firece rivalry and hardcore fans. On 9th May 2001, the stadium authority was expecting tussle between the fans.

Their prediction came into reality, Accra hearts came from behind and scored twice and won the match in last few minutes of the match. This outraged Asante Kotoko fans but many took their outrage further by throwing plastic bottles and seats onto the pitch.

Looking at such situation, Ghanian police used tear gas and plastic bullets which instead of bringing things under control escalated. The stampeded in the stadium killed 127 people and much more injured. This is the worst stadium disaster happened in the Africa till the date.

Estadio Nacional tragedy

Location: Lima, Peru
Date: May 24, 1964
Number of Deaths: 328

Estadio Nacional tragedy
Estadio Nacional tragedy

From small incident of last-minute goal cancelled to the biggest stadium disaster is the story of Estadio Nacional Tragedy. The match was played between Argentina and Peru, the referee cancelled the last minute goal which angered a fan. The fan ran on the pitch to attack referee but despite his best effort he was caught by the police and was badly beaten.

The view of a fan getting beaten did not go well with the fans and it had a negative effect that a riot broke out. 328 innocent lives were taken on the tragic day and over 500 people were injured. Till the date, it is one of the worst ever football stadium tragedy recorded.

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