SportNTalks Special: Top 5 Derbies In The World

There are certain matches which get more important. The club, fans, employees of the club pride are at the stake. Sometimes these matches are matter of life and death, yes, we are talking about the derbies. We will look at the Top 5 Derbies in the world.

For every manager, player, and fan it is important to do well in the derby. You cannot lose against your arch rivals at any cost, we saw numerous stories of players losing their lives after the defeat. Football is just a sport, but when it comes to derbies it becomes mater of life and death.

Top 5 Derbies In The World

El Clasico

Top 5 Derbies In The World
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The El Clasico is one of the biggest and exciting derby in the world. The two Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid have dominated the Spanish football for a very long time. La Liga, have been criticized for being two horse league, but that’s what makes this league even more important. The derby sometimes decides who will lift the title, the historically whichever club has won the derby, has won the league.

The match is one of the highest quality matches in the world, the two clubs are known to have some of the finest players in the world. Many previous legends have played for these two clubs. The rivalry even has political significance, Real Madrid represents Spanish nationalism, while Barcelona Catalans Nationalism.

The biggest victory was registered back in 1943, Real Madrid demolishing Barcelona 11-0.

Derby Della Madonnina (The Milan Derby)

Top 5 Derbies In The World
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The Italians football is known for hard tackles and resolute defense, but when it comes to Milan Derby things get to extreme levels. The Milan clubs Inter Milan and AC Milan play the Milan Derby at San Siro, the home ground of two Seria-A Giants.

The Milan Derby is the marquee match in the Seria-A, the last few years has not been flourishing for the Milan Clubs. The other clubs in the league has done well compared to these two. The Last time a Milan club won the League title was back in 2010/11 Season When AC Milan clinched the title.

The Manchester Derby

Manchester Derby
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The Manchester Derby is played between the fierce City rivals Manchester United and Manchester City. Over the last few years, the Derby has got a lot of significance. Historically the United had the upper hand over the Blues, but over the last few years, Manchester City has become a force in the English football.

The two clubs have played 174 matches, out of which the Red Devils have won 72 times while the Blues have won 50 times.

The Intercontinental Derby

The top 5 derbies in the world
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The Intercontinental Derby is played between two of the biggest clubs in Turkey Galatasaray and Fenerbahce. These two are the most successful clubs in the Turkish league history.

The Derby has been played for over 100 years, and have huge significance in Turkey. It is one of the most violent derbies in the world where you can’t just lose. The fan involvement in the derby is at the extreme level, a lot of time the obsession overtake the passion. The beauty of this league is the fans’ enthusiasm towards the two clubs.

The Kolkata Derby

The Top 5 Derbies In The World
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The Kolkata Derby is the biggest derby in the Asian football, they derby is played between two of the most successful football clubs in India East Bengal and Mohun Bagan. This Derby definitely makes it to the Top 5 Derbies In The World.

The 100-year-old Derby was featured in the FIFA Classic Derby list. Before the Salt Lake stadium renovation, the derby used to draw a crowd over 1 lac. More than its football, its known for its passion and sometimes the passion get turned into violence.

Majority of the Mohun Bagan supporters represents the Native Bengal population, while East Bengal represents the immigrant population. The Derby has been overshadowed by the emergence of the Indian Super League, but local population follow the clubs religiously.

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