Not So Real Madrid – A New Beginning Towards Greatness?

Real Madrid is one club which always had a reputation of bringing the big stars. The Galácticos got their nickname thanks to their superstar signings.

We do not see a huge name in world football. What we see now is Zinedine Zidane marshaling troops to trophies after trophies. We believe it is a pleasant change and something which all the Real Fans should be proud of.

Zinedine Zidane

I think he is the best person to start the feature. Zidane was part of the various star-studded dressing room at Real. As a player, Zidane just won one La Liga and champions league. But as manager Zidane is on the verge of helping Real win numerous trophies.

Zidane started his managerial career with Real Madrid Castilla where he was impressive. The club management was quick to identify his talent and recruit him as manager of the first team.

The biggest change Zinedine Zidane brought to Real Madrid was a shift from stars to the team. We don’t hear individual players making difference in that team but its team which makes the difference.

He is the captain of the ship and he is marshaling his troops towards the glory land.

In just one year as manager Zidane has lifted two Champions League, La Liga, Back to back Supercopa. The way he is managing his players and team, he surely will be one of the legendary manager of the club if not “the manager”.

Consistency At Real Madrid

Real Madrid fans always had stars to support but the star-studded team used to lack the consistency. The team between 2011 till 2015 hardly produced anything worthwhile talk.

This was the same period we had likes of Raul, David Beckham, Zidane, Casillas likes stars in the squad. Despite having such huge names club hardly produced results on consistency basis hence hardly won trophies.

There has been a shift in paradigm at Real Madrid. The team does not depend on big names for individual brilliance. The players who take the field support each other and produce goals as a team.

From stars playing on the team now, the club started to give the opportunity to younger players and produce stars. Marco Asensio, Nacho, Jesus Vallejo to name few that has flourished under this new Real Madrid.

The team is producing consistent results in the La Liga and Champions League.

Mixture of Youth and Experience

Unlike teams in past, This Real Madrid realm has the blend of youth and experience. The Superstar like Sergio Ramos, Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema has taken the responsibility of helping in youth development.

Asensio is one name that will make headlines this season. The youngster has sent waves in the world with his brilliant performances.

There are more like Achraf Hakimi, Dani Caballos, Theo Hernandez, Marcos Llorente who about to burst on the scene. The Manager Zinedine Zidane had the luxury of working with some of these players at youth level.

It all look’s like Zidane handpicked to manage the youth team of Real Madrid for what we witnessing now.

Drifting Away From Barcelona

El Classico becoming the one-sided affair. The Real Madrid not just defeated Barcelona but they humiliated the Catalans. Once Barcelona was considered to be the team which relies on youth players but there has been a shift in Real approach.

Barcelona is struggling to find suitable players who could support Lionel Messi. Neymar moving to PSG have made things even more difficult. According to a lot of pundits, this could be last Barcelona side which possibly can match Real Madrid.

Real Madrid is drifting away from Barcelona and becoming a superpower in Spanish football. This is not because of the star-studded side but purely because of a super talented team with a good manager.

What Is Ahead for Real Madrid.

Real Madrid is on verge of achieving their old greatness in Spanish football.

The era between 50’s till 70’s was complete domination by Real Madrid in Spanish football. The kind of decline Barcelona seeing in recent past and no other team coming close to compete with Real Madrid, we may see Real emerging as the sole superpower in Spanish football.

Real Madrid most likely to win the defend their La Liga title this season. They had a great start to the season beating the arch-rivals Barcelona twice. The players are combining well under Zidane.

Zinedine Zidane will be hoping to continue his great run as Real Madrid manager. He failed to win trophies as a player but as manager, he is making sure, Real Madrid continues to grow and flourish.


We certainly have enjoyed this change in the attitude of the New Real Madrid under Zinedine Zidane. The joy to watch this team is immense, especially the younger players stepping up the game.

The team under Zidane is destined for the greatness and falling giants like Barcelona failing to match Real, we will continue to hear chants of Hala Madrid for few more years.

Let us know what you think about the change brought by Zinedine Zidane and the management in Real Madrid. Do you think these are positives changes or as the Real fan you would like to see more stars in the team?

Do you think Barcelona able to match the ambitions of the rivals or the struggle will continue? Comment down below and let us know what you feel.

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