No India in future ICC events ?

India may be dominating world cricket at the moment, overcoming any team they face. With an excellent current batch of senior players and world cup winning juniors, the future of Indian cricket seems to be in safe hands for a long time to come. But relations between the Board of Council for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the International Cricket Council (ICC) have been tensed over that last year and a half over tax issues. BCCI was not given tax exemptions by the Indian government when they hosted the 2016 ICC World T20.

Recently, ICC announced that if BCCI fails to get tax exemptions from the government once again, they may be forced to look for other options to host the 2021 ICC Champions Trophy and 2023 ICC world cup. BCCI, in turn, threatened that if that happens, they will pull out of all major ICC events in the future which will be disastrous for the International Cricket governing body.

The tax exemptions by the government is common for any sporting event around the world and have to be initiated by the International body. It is said that ICC has not even applied for the exemptions yet, and expect BCCI to initiate talks. Unless ICC share their revenue model and every other related paper, it is impossible to get the exemptions. Moving the two upcoming ICC away from India is known to make ICC a profit of $100m.

The BCCI surely showing their might here and if ICC doesn’t agree with BCCI demands we might have ICC events without Indian team which will be a huge loss for ICC. On another hand it shows the power of Indian cricket on the global scenario, the superpower of the cricket definitely have their stronghold on world governing body.

Cricket fans will hope to see the end of the battle between the two parties and both coming out with solution keeping fans in the minds.

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