How To Make Money Playing Poker Online – Skills To Have

How make money playing poker online

Poker is one of the growing industry in World and India. We at SportNTalks starting a series where we will bring you all the details regarding the game of poker. The most important question anyone asks ” how to the make money playing poker online. We going to start our series with the same question.

Poker is an are and to make money, loads of money you have to have certain skills or traits. Today we going to give you brief about certain traits a poker player should have.

Know The Skills and Basics

First foremost, you need to learn the skills and basics of the game. Just like any other game Poker have the certain skill set which you need to master. The lot of myth that winning poker is all about the luck. It’s absolutely untrue, you need to have the basic understanding of the skills involved in the game.

Read Your opponent and The Situation. 

Just like any sports or game, you need to learn to understand your opponents and situations. You learn this by experience, if you look at some poker star, they are the shrewd reader of person. They read he behavior of the person, at first sight, you need to learn to understand the psychology of your opponents.

It is important to control your emotions. A good poker player will read the situation and take the logical decision rather than getting carried away by emotions.

Networking Skills. 

It is not just about you, or how good you are as an individual. You need to make friends, and learn a lot of things from them. Poker has a lot to teach and having few friends within the poker industry will give you new skills set every day.

Picking up brains from other is not a bad thing, a good poker star always learns the new skills that how you will make money playing poker online.

Take Risk.

You have to be honest with yourself, Why are you coming into the poker industry. The industry will only give you if you are willing to give something in return. You should willing to take the gamble and at one point of time, you will realize it’s impossible to grow without doing that.  The bigger heart you got the bigger possibility of making money.

Wait for a second, when we said gamble it does not mean mindlessly putting all you got. You have to be shrewd, there are high chances of going broke. So play your cards with a good shoulder on your head.


It all boils down to how intelligent player you are. At the certain level, every player will have the same skill set, same experience and the same level of understanding of the game. How is your intelligence and how much you can apply it will determine how far will you go to achieve what you want from industry!

To make money playing poker online is the different proposition from making it in real which will talk some other time. But the most important thing which is needed for pokerstar remains the same.

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