Kyrie Irving To Boston Celtics
Kyrie Irving from Cleveland to Celtics

Cleveland Cavaliers have lost their major star Kyrie Irving. The 25-year-old is all set to move to Boston Celtics.

25-year-old player had requested a transfer in July earlier this year. His main reason for moving out of Cavaliers was to get more important in a team. He wanted to be the focal point of the team and other reason being not wanting to play along side LeBron James.

Celtic President has welcomed Kyrie Irving to the team and with that has shown sadness losing three players

“This has obviously been a roller coaster of a day for us, trading away Isaiah and Jae and Ante, especially Isaiah and Jae, who have been such a big part of our team and our success and our Celtic culture as leaders of our team. Very, very difficult day,”

Ainge said. “At the same time, a very exciting time one of the best offensive players in the league.”

Signing has seen huge cheer from the fans. The fans expect the player to bring a lot of victories for the club.

Kyrie Irving will on 60 million on his 3-year contract which he can opt out in the last season.

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