Has Kerala Blasters Rejuvenated Kerala Football ?
A few of years back Kerala Football was pretty much dead. Very few players coming and representing top division clubs in India. The things have changed drastically in the last couple of years. All credit should go to Kerala Blasters Football Club. The yellow giants of southern India boast one of the largest fan bases in the world.
It’s impossible to have growth of football players and region without having football clubs or football leagues. Kerala had none until Kerala Blasters emerged. In less than 3 years of Kerala Blasters existence, got numerous football clubs and professional league.

Manjappada Supporters Club

Manjappada is the fan club name of Kerala Blasters, trust me they are huge in numbers, on average Kerala Blaster draw over 50 thousand crowds for a match. Which is an absolutely huge number even if you compare to European football.
The Manjappada paint the whole area in the yellow colors, it’s one of the most intimating scenes for any opposition. It is hard to silence the die hard Kerala Blaster fans who cheer their team for entire 90 minutes.
The Manjappada gives you a real feel of true football fans in India, Supporting a club so passionately something which is very rare in Indian football.
The overseas players coming and playing under such tremendous atmosphere can’t stop praising the fans of Kerala Blasters, Here is what Josu had to say about the Kerala Blasters and their fans.

Emergence of Kerala Football

Football was favorite sport in Kerala but since the start of Kerala Blaster the fans and football fraternity of Kerala football have got decisive directions. Lots of clubs have come into existence since then, Gokhulam FC, Kerala Evergreen Football Club to name few. These are really happy days for Kerala Football and stake holders are investing in this huge market.
Once Kerala professional league get much-needed attention and stability. Kerala football will definitely become one of the power house in Indian football. The region will start producing players for the nation.
The Footballers in Kerala now have the huge platform which was absent in last decade, We saw some talented youngster playing in Santosh Trophy every season. These players now will have a professional club to play rather than give up their aspiration to be footballers.

More I.M Vijayan, Anas or C.K Vineeth on Offer

Kerala in past has produced some of the greats like of I.M Vijayan, Jo Paul Ancheri, Raman Vijayan etc but in last few years the factory had dried up, we hardly had 4-5 players coming out of Kerala and representing top division clubs or Indian national football team.
The spur in Kerala Blasters have definitely given young and budding footballers are the goal, they now have a platform to showcase their talent. The Kerala Blaster have given new life to these young lads who now inspire to feature in Indian super league franchise.
Surely the day is not far ahead before we start seeing players like I. M. Vijayan, Raman Vijayan or Jo Paul Ancheri.
We might not see the change quickly, but with the passion fans in Kerala have and the intent football fraternity in Kerala Football has really given hope for better future of Kerala Football.

Future Ahead For Kerala Football and Kerala Blasters

Kerala Blasters need to give back to their fans in Kerala, they have to die hard fans. The yellow brigade needs to start academies in Kerala and give young players chance to grew through the ranks. Kerala Blaster have the huge responsibility of Kerala football, they have to show the way ahead to all the new emerging clubs.
All the Indian football fans were hoping such revolutionary change in Kerala Football, and finally, we have something to cheer. The fans, players and stake holders in Kerala football will definitely be over the moon with this grand start to their future.

The start towards the Golden days of Kerala Football is amazing and fans of Kerala and Indian football will be hoping that this become one of the grand come back story in the Indian football.

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