Indian Super League: Top 5 Fan Clubs

Indian Super league has grown from strength to strength and with that, the fan base has expanded. We saw some vociferous support from few teams in the league while few failed to attract the crowds. We going to look into the top 5 fan clubs according to in the Indian Super League.

Indian Super League: Top 5 Fan Clubs

Kerala Blasters – Manjappada.

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Without any doubt, Kerala Blasters are top of the table thanks to their super crazy fan base. The Manjappada are massive fan base not just in India but also in the world. Kerala Blaster enjoys being one of the most supported clubs in the world. On an average, they draw 50-55 thousand fans in the stadium.

The sheer presence of Manjappada boosts the confidence of the Kerala Blasters players.

FC Goa – FC Goa Fan Clubs

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The Goans definitely are in the 2nd position, The FC Goa fan club is one of the most organized fan clubs. FC Goa is unlucky to have just 17 thousand capacity stadium, the kind of support they enjoy in and outside the stadium, the franchise should think of expanding to 40-50 thousand.

FC Goa Fan is regular to the stadium and organizes many activities during the offseason. Thet Massive Banners, Mascots, Music and drums in the stadium, FC Goa fan clubs give it a feel of a Carnival. If you want to enjoy football with some Music, FC Goa fan club is the place for you.

Bengaluru FC – West Block Blues.

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The new entrants in the league already have built the reputation of being one of the best fan clubs in the country. Even though they hardly get 8-9 thousand fans on average, they certainly know to cheer their team.

They have been one of the best fans in the I-League and we are sure they will be stepping up the game for the Indian Super League.

Chennaiyin FC – Chennayin FC Fans Club.

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Chennai and football do not really go hand in hand. The region is known for their love for Cricket but since they got Chennaiyin FC the city has started to take a keen interest in Indian football. Chennayin FC fan club does not have offseason activities like above three heavyweights but they certainly know to rock the stadium.

NorthEast United FC – NorthEast United FC Fans

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They do not have fancy chants, fancy banners but when it comes to following their club every nook and corner of the country they are the number one. The NorthEast United FC enjoys one of the best support in Indian Super League. On average they draw 35 thousand crowds in the stadium, but one unique thing about people of NorthEast is that they travel for most of the away matches.

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