Indian Super League to get direct slot in AFC Cup

Indian Super League In AFC Cup

India will have two professional football leagues Indian Super league, and I-league. Indian Super League to get a direct slot in AFC Cup. HERO ISL has been making waves in the world by their glamour and growth in last three years. The league now will get official status from AFC. The winner will play in AFC Cup.
AFC Cup is equavalent to Europa Cup. It is a second tier football club competetion in Asia.
Asian Football Confederation has allotted AFC Cup play off slot for Indian Super League which means the winner of Indian Super league now will play in AFC Cup play off. This is massive move considering the turmoil in Indian football. Which also means that India now has officially two football leagues. 
IMG-R and AIFF were trying their best to convince AFC to allow them on the slot in AFC competitions for a very long time. All of the Indian Super League fans will have a sigh of relief after the decision was taken. This is a massive step towards turning a legit league. 
It will be interesting to see how fans react to the nation which has two official football leagues now. 

Author Take

Indian Super League has definitely taken Indian football to the mass audience. AFC Cup competition is not a massive tournament in Asia. It is not the first priority in AFC list. Playing AFC Cup may not bring you big players or big money. AIFF teams should strive to get all important AFC Champions League place. The champions league competition and AFC cup competition is altogether different level. It will definitely push the club to bring big players and develop Indian players.
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