Indian Football: 5 Players Who Can Replace Sunil Chettri

The Rise of Indian Football and Search for Sunil Chettri

Indian Football has seen the rise in the world ranking and major credit goes to Sunil Chettri. The Record Indian goal scorer has taken Indian football on his own.

The Indian skipper is coming to the fag end of his career, and it’s time for Indian to find his replacement. Even though the contribution from Chettri is irreplaceable but there will be a time when he has to hung up his shoes. Today we going to look at 5 players who can replace the Sunil Chettri.

Komal Thatal

Komal Thatal made headlines when he scored a beautiful goal against Brazilian U-17 team in Goa. He is leading goal scorer in the U-17 world cup bound team.

The forward can play on the left wing just like Sunil Chettri. Both have a lot of similarities. One key factor which makes him rank at the top of the list is his ability to finish and carry the team on his own. Chettri is known to create the goal out of nowhere which we saw in Komal Thatal.

Abhijit Sarkar

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Abhijit Sarkar is one lad who has been consistent with the U-17 team preparation leading to the World cup. Predominately an attacking midfielder Abhijit Sarkar has the ability to score goals. Indian senior national team has depended on Sunil Chettri goals for a long time now, most of the time its Chettri who produce goals for the team.

Sarkar has scored a famous goal against Italy U-17 team which made him first Indian to score a goal against the European Giants.

Aniket Jhadav

The Kolhapur born forward known for his tenacity and hard tackling football. The Former Pune FC man has been impressive for the Indian U-17 team. Indian football is blessed to have so many young forwards, and Aniket Jhadav is one among them.

The tenacious Maharastraain already have made his stardom felt in Kolhapur. Coming from Humble background Aniket Jhadav knows how to grind on the football field just like Indian captain Sunil Chhetri.

Vikram Pratap Singh

India U-16 Captain showed a glimpse of what most number 9 in India miss. he can hold the ball, he can bring wingers in the game and he can score.

The forward showed a lot of promise in the recently concluded SAFF Championship in Bhutan. He was instrumental in bringing the team from behind and scoring all important winning goal.

So far he has shown the ability to perfect number 9 which India has been searching for years. The Chandigarh player can be a lethal weapon in few years if groomed properly.

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Ravi Bahadur Rana

The Kashmiri born forward will be in Maldives memories for a very long time. The Indian youngster demolished Maldivian defense in the opening match of SAFF u-15 Championship. His Hattrick against the Maldivians in the 9-0 victory was a treat to watch, just the quality he showed with the finishing.

When you look up to Indian teams it is only one name which comes out when we talk about good finishing its Sunil Chettri. The rest of Indian senior team players find hard to match pace and skills of the captain fantastic.

Indian football future in safe hands

The above 5 youngsters have shown the ability which Sunil Chettri Possess. If groomed with care and given enough match time, we c would not just have to depend on one player to score the goal, we will have 5 to look up to.

What you feel about our picks who can replace Sunil Chettri and serve Indian football. Chettri has served Indian football for a very long time, and it will be a tribute if Indian football gets not just one of his kind but many. The players in the list have huge potential if they able to perform and stay grounded Indian football will be in the safe hands.

The future of Indian football looks bright and it is all about the administration and coaches to groom these players.

India will be playin in the U-17 wolrd cup, which is a huge tournament for Indian football growth. some of these boys will be playing in that team while others wil be in AFC u-16 qqaulifiers.

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