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Today it is not about Sports feature or News Article but it is all about giving tribute to one of the best online Indian Football Forum.

Indian Football Forum just like their tagline Nerve of Indian football has been a place where you get real insight into Indian football. The Forum seed was originated initially on Orkut. Since then the forum is growing and has become the hub for all domestic football related discussion.

History: It All Started on Orkut.

The Indian Football Forum idea popped by few individuals on the Orkut. Somesh Upadhyay and Rudra Narayan Das are the founders of The football forum.

Somesh and Rudra effort to bring football fans under one banner is a success. Unlike Facebook or twitter, Indian Football Forum is also known as Indian football network AKA IFN has a serious discussion about the domestic football in India.

Post Indian Super League Era

Forum in the initial days was restricted small group of people who were passionate about the game of football in India. but ever since the emergence of Indian Super League the forum have started to get a lot of active users.

Even though the quality of the discussion has been reduced but having a football centric forum about desi football is something which makes the fans glued to the forum.

It is the only forum in India which gives the actual feel that football is played in India.

India’s are known to support the European football clubs, we see numerous hot heated discussion about European competition on facebook or twitter. but when it comes to domestic football in India we hardly see such discussion on social media platforms.

If you want to see how real blue Tigers football fans discuss the growth and problems in Indian football, football network is the place for you.

Elite Members

The real identity of the members can remain secret, most of the members in IFN prefer having fancied user names.

Gaffer tape: By far the most sort after insider in football, many call him WikiLeaks of Indian football. The user with the name gaffer tape gives out inside news about  AIFF, Indian Super League or I-league.

Arsenalfankid: The American, also handles football Wikipedia pages have been Indian football for a very long time now. Even though, he hasn’t really seen Indian football up closely his comparison with the MLS with football in the country is worth reading.

Goalkeeper: A Goan, ever since Indian super league started very few Goans follow domestic football but he is one person who follows Indian and Goan football religiously.

Hassan: This Chennai fan is popularly known for his selfies with Sunil Chettri, most of them come blur. He is handling forum blog off late, comes out with an interesting piece of blogs. A religious football fan, and a Chelsea fan.

Ashish Singh Negi: He is known by many fans for his association with but something which made his name in football is the Indian national football team Facebook page. The AIFF managed official page was created by A fan.

SportNTalks Take (Guest Author – Dominic)

This was just an out of box article giving in tribute to one of the best Indian centric forum going around in the world. It is important to have such responsible fans and forum if we want to see Indian football reaching the next level.

A real job of a fan is not just supported the club, authority or player but also criticize if they see something wrong. IFN is the place where you find such fans. Hope you enjoyed the article.

image source/IFN

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