U17 World Cup – Good Crowd Expected in India
October this year, India will host its first ever major FIFA event, the U17 World Cup. There has been a buzz going around the Indian football fraternity regarding this HUGE tournament. The draws have already taken place, and India will square off against USA, Colombia, and Ghana in the group stages.
Just before the draw, it was announced that the venue for India matches will be shifted to New Delhi from initially planned Navi Mumbai. The decision which got a lot of criticism from fans all over the country.  New Delhi has traditionally been poor in terms of crowd turnouts for sports events.
But within a day of releasing the second phase tickets, Delhi proved everybody wrong and had completely sold out the first two group matches.
Kolkata, as expected was the venue with the best response with tickets for both phases being sold out within 24 hours. Similarly, Kochi and Guwahati have been able to sell out both phases completely as well.
Ticket sales at Navi Mumbai also have been decent. The only concern that remains is Goa, which has had a poor response, having managed to sell only 200 tickets in phase 1.

Heart of the matter 

The capacities of the venues for the World Cup are,
Kolkata: 62000
New Delhi: 58000
Kochi: 42000
Navi Mumbai: 51000
Guwahati: 35000
Goa: 16500
We can expect Kolkata to have almost a full a house every game, and Kochi, Guwahati, New Delhi will also surely have great crowds keeping in mind the response from ticket sales.
  • The 2015 U17 WC in Chile was attended by 482490 people. i.e., an average attendance of 9279 per match.
  • The 2017 U20 WC in South Korea was attended by 410795 people, an average of 7900 per match.
  • The U17 WC 2013 in UAE saw an average attendance of 6117
With the capacity of the venues for this year’s event together with the ticket response, it is very likely that India 2017 will be ahead of all the average attendances in the last few editions. This will be great as crowd response is a very important factor in being able to host international tournaments.
Goa really needs to pick up in tickets sales, which is most likely happen. 6000 people attended the match between India and Iran in 2016 AFC U16 Cup.
Tournament director Javier Ceppi has expressed his satisfaction with the ticket sales and there is a chance is AIFF bidding for the U20 WC.
The phase 3 of tickets sales will commence from July 22
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