Baron Corbin To Cash In Money in Bank Contract At Summer slam
According to Sources, Baron Corbin will cash in his money in bank contract at Summer Slam. Corbin had won the money in the bank contract in June.
Baron Corbin will be facing the John Cena at the Summer Slam will lose the match against the Cena. On the same night, Shinsuke Kamura will be challenging Jinder Mahal for the WWE championship.
According to various sources, Nakamura will beat Jinder Mahal in the match. After the match, Corbin will cash in Money in the Bank contract winning the title.

Jinder Failed to make connection with India

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Jinder Mahal won WWE championship a few months back, the reason behind giving the title was to tap in the large Indian market.  Jinder has failed to connect with the Indian subcontinent. Giving him the title was criticized on all front by various WWE pundits and fans. Jinder was expected to face John Cena at summer slam and lose but there has been changing to that plan. Instead of Cena, he will face Nakamura, Nakamura and Corbin had feud recently and this would be a massive boost to that feud.

Baron Corbin The Next Big Heel

WWE have nicely build Corbin character to make him biggest heel in the Smackdown live. Corbin will be the heel for a very long time after Cashing Money in the Bank contract at Summer Slam. This possibly could be the biggest move in the Baron Corbin career.

Author Take

The author feels that Jinder wasn’t able to make a major impact in India, giving the title to Corbin who has potential to be the biggest heel in WWE will give a good story line going ahead. Corbin could potentially feud with Shinsuke Nakamura or John Cena. WWE wants to make Corbin the biggest heel in the company and feuding with Cena for WWE championship could catalyst that.
Jinder could move to mid card, and have the feud with AJ style for the united state’s champions, with this he can continue his gimmick of Modern day Maharaja.
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